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Planning and Design

Britannia Plumbing is keen to promote the use of fuel-efficient systems, especially those which take advantage of “free” energy sources. The initial setup costs of solar installations can be higher than traditional heating systems but the long-term savings are considerable, not only in fuel costs but also in reduced CO2 emissions. Not all sites are suited to these types of systems which is why the design stage of any new installation is so important. Our engineers will perform a complete site assessment taking into account the building size, heating and water requirements, insulation levels and the possibility of integration with the existing installation before advising on the most suitable system.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating provides an economical means of space heating. Conventional radiators and convection heaters warm the air in a room from the top down whereas heating the floor raises the ambient room temperature from the bottom rather than heating the ceiling first. As the floor provides a large radiant surface the water temperature needed to heat the room is lower than would be required for radiators. Underfloor heating is ideal for use with solar or ground source systems.

Unvented Hot Water Supply

An unvented hot water supply system provides mains water pressure at both hot and cold water outlets throughout the building.The cold water supply is used to push hot water from the cylinder at mains pressure.

Unvented supplies have a number of advantages:


Britannia engineers are qualified unvented system installers and will advise on the most appropriate design for your development.